Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

 We hope to answer your questions.  Please feel free to email if we didn't cover your question.

 MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENTS are 15 pairs of bra straps on this wholesale site.

1.  What if I don't have a reseller's license?

To sell product in the state you are living in, you will need a state issued license.  For more information on this, see our About Us Page.  If you are purchasing for personal use, please use our site at

2.  How quickly will I receive my products?

We work quickly to ship your product the day after your order is placed.  We will have a week of slow shipments from Christmas Day through New Years due to holiday leave.

3. How do you ship?  Which service do you use?

We ship Priority Mail through the USPS.  Generally products are shipped in Medium Flat Rate boxes ( 25 pairs) for $13.00  Large Flat Rate boxes (45 pairs) for $20.  Larger 12x12 boxes for anything up to 100 pairs for approximately $33, based on weight and delivery location.  If we don't collect the appropriate shipping rate we will send you a PayPal request for funds prior to shipping.

4. If I have a Sales License on file with you do I need to send it every time I order?

We will keep it on file.  If we are unable to locate your license on file with us, we will contact you before charging your account and shipping products.  In other words, please shop with us if you have the appropriate license for doing so.

5. Do you offer a Starter Kit?

Yes!  To make it easier for some shops to pick a selection, we have put together a collection of our best selling straps at a significant discount.  Our starter pack is made up of the following 15 pairs of bra straps: Click here to go to Starter Pack

Starter Pack  12% discount on the following:

3 Pair Single Row Clear Rhinestones
3 Pair Double Row Clear Rhinestones
2 Pair Double Row Black Rhinestones
2 Pair 4 Row Rhinestones, Elegant Bling
2 Pair Trendy Circles
1 Pair Gunmetal Ovals
2 Pair Pearl Twirl Jewelry Straps